Call for Abstracts

Dear Colleague/ Fellow,
We invite you to submit your work - abstract/ video /e- poster- in the 16th Annual Congress of IAGES that is being held in Bhubaneswar, at the SOA University, from 6-9th February 2019 for the 1st time .

This is a great opportunity to present your awesome work in front of an august experts .

If our scientific committee think your work is great, they will help you in publishing it.

Do not miss this opportunity . It would be an excellent platform for young budding Laparoscopic Surgeons to participate and make their presence felt.
Let’s start submitting abstracts and get a chance to win exciting awards
This Organising team at IAGES 2019, will make it count .

First submit your abstracts, once selected then you can register for the congress.

Abstracts should be submitted as free papers , videos and E-posters & would be eligible for AWARDS as Award Oral Papers, Award Videos , & E- Posters Awards. Each award session would carry prizes; 1st, 2nd &. 3rd.


Apart from the above , we have newly introduced a session on “YOUNG INNOVATION SESSION”, especially designed for young surgeons < 40 years to participate in it.
The broad categories of innovation would be as follows:
1) Simple tool modification
2) Revolutionizing tools , or
3) Revolutionizing Technology or Science.

Innovation means something new or the use of new idea or a method which can be applied to our laparoscopic. surgical practice.These new ideas may be in the form of technology, technique,or a combination.Abstracts may also be submitted in similar lines as above.


Take the IAGES Professional MIS QUIZ Test which is happening for the first time to measure your brainpower and cognitive ability from a standardised Quiz test Masters in Minimal Access Surgery.

It would be of 1 hour duration.
There would be 30 MCQ’s.
Any delegate can participate.
It would have similar 3 prizes.

These laparoscopic multiple choice quizzes will assess your IQ Score as well as will evaluate your Brain Power.

The participating surgeon will develop confidence after taking this MIS QUIZ TEST and aspirants can sharpen their skills and knowledge on general awareness & what the future holds for Laparoscopic training methodologies.


1. Upper GI
2. Colorectal
3. Hernia – Groin / Ventral & rare hernias.
4. Solid Organ
5. Hepato Billiary & Pancreas
6. Bariatrics
7. Robotics
8. Endoscopy – UGIE / Colonoscopy
9. Emerging Technology
10. Surgical innovations
11. New Gadgets & Gizmos (Basic & Advanced)
12. Complications in MIS
13. Infection Control & Sepsis.

Please prepare your abstract according to the following guidelines:

Abstracts submission should be categorised into one of the categories listed below:
1. FREE PAPER (8 min + 2 min)
2. VIDEO PRESENTATION (6 min. + 2 min)
3. E-POSTER PRESENTATION (5 min + 2 min)


All abstracts have to be submitted online. You first have to create a user profile which will take you through to the abstract page . You can partially complete , save and return later to edit and finalise. Once your abstract is ready , you can submit where after no changes can be made.

*Abstracts submission and presentations can only made only by surgeons who are IAGES members.

All the correspondence will be made by the presenting author whose contact details should be provided.

On submission of your abstract, you will receive an email confirmation. If you do not receive such a confirmation within 24 hours, please email:

Please prepare your abstract according to the following guidelines:

1.The abstract body should be limited to 250 words.

2.MS Word Font style and size for the abstract : Times New Roman, size 12.

3.Line spacing : single for the whole text.

4. The abstract title will go into a separate text box. Write your abstract title in both upper and lower case letters.

5. The presenting author and co-authors ( max 5) are to be included in a separate text box at the end of the abstract page.

6. Write a structured abstract using sub-headings in italic. Abstract should contain the following:

- Background
- Aims & objectives
- Material and methods
- Results
- Conclusion

7. All abstracts have to be submitted only in English ( U.K ).

8. It is the responsibility of the author to ensure that all spelling and grammar is correct.


Disclosures if any The contributor carries legal obligations of the abstract; any violation to a third party’s right will be the responsibility of the contributor.
The organizers reserve the right to accept / reject / assign a different category / presentation type to all the abstracts submitted.

Abstract selection & acknowledgement:

All presenters will receive an email acknowledgement of submission of abstract and of acceptance or rejection.

The decision of the Scientific Committee shall be binding and final.


Free papers should be of 8 min + 2 min audience participation.

Acceptance of abstracts will be based on:

1. Originality
2. Scientific merit
3. Study design
4. Clarity of expression
5. Presentation of data
6. Adherence to the rules of submission
7. Relevance to the topic.

I. Case reports will not be accepted and will be removed from the committee’s review.
II. Modifications will not be accepted after the deadline, including changes to the author/co- author order.


You can choose to submit based on Hepatobiliary, Hernia, Upper GI, Colorectal , Endoscopy, Hernias, Bariatric , Emergency Surgery, Thoracic, Robotic , solid organ and any surgical innovations .

All videos MUST be submitted digitally in accordance with the digital guidelines below.
No 3D Videos will be accepted and video submissions must be of good quality and submitted in final form.

3. ACCEPTABLE FORMATS : ( PLAYABLE ON WINDOWS PC ) Videos should be in the following formats – MPEG4 (preferably)

4. ACCEPTABLE FRAME SIZE : No smaller than 640 x 480

5. ACCEPTABLE FILE SIZE: Must be less than 1 GB

6. RUN TIME : Maximum run time is six ( 6) minutes. Videos longer than 6 min will be rejected.

7. No Power point presentation will be accepted.


1. Do not include background music.
2. No ads or promotions of products
3. No 3 D Videos
4. Videos must be original work of the author.

Video abstract summaries must be submitted online and the link of video must be mentioned within the abstract summary. Kindly refer to the option below to upload the video.
Before submitting the video abstract, kindly proceed to upload the video using one of the methods below to generate a link and mention in the abstract summary:

1. Upload to Dropbox and share with us the link.
Login Upload Photos and videos View Photo Logout

2. Upload to Google Drive and share with us the link.

3. Upload to YouTube, make the link private and share with us the link.

Guidelines for video presentations should include :

- Case series

- Challenging / rare case

- Innovations

- Complications – Intraoperative / Postoperative

- How do I do it.

Procedure of uploading your video in Google drive and sending us the link to


1. E- Posters should be in electronic format.
2. 5 min. + 2 min discussion
3. It should consist of 5 following slides :
- Title
- Clinical History
- Investigations / Workup
- Videos / Images
- Conclusion

4. Guidelines for E- Poster should include:
- Original work
- Rare cases
- Case scenarios


1. Abstract Submission Closed
2. Notifications regarding acceptance of abstracts will be sent to all corresponding authors by November 30 , 2018
3. All Communications will be made via email only to the first author.

Conference Secretariat
1. Dr Sreejoy Patnaik
Organising Secretary
IAGES 2019 , Bhubaneswar
Email –
Cell No – 9776624550 / 9437024550
Shanti Memorial Hospital , Cuttack

2 . Anurag Pati – 7682829927

3 . Mr. Manas Ranjan Dash - 7682829900


Stay tuned! Don't miss any update from IAGES 2019

Any further queries regarding to submission, please feel free to write to: