A session on “ JUGAAD” ( in Hindi means INNOVATION) is happening for the 1st time in the forthcoming 16th IAGES CONGRESS at Bhubaneswar.7-9th February,2019.

“JUGAAD / INNOVATION SESSION” is especially designed for young surgeons, but other surgeons / delegates can also participate in it .
The Indian habit of ‘jugaad' -roughly, making do with what you have - is now coming in handy in surgeries and clinics, reducing healthcare costs considerably. Enterprising surgeons are replacing costly, disposable imported surgical devices with cheaper, more common and locally-sourced tools. It doesn't mean they compromise on quality and safety.
Such low-cost alternate techniques are usually developed in Third World countries where the state has not been able to take quality health care to the masses. The aim is to cater to all kinds of patients, whether poor or rich,

The broad categories of this session would be as follows:
1) Any simple tool or device
2) Any new trick or steps
3) Any new procedure, or the way I do it.
4)Cost effective

It means something new or the use of new idea or a method which can be applied to our day to day laparoscopic surgical practice.
It may be in the form of technology, technique, or a combination of both & should be confined to the field of MIS.

Delegates are requested to send their abstracts / write up & videos.
Videos may be uploaded in google drive / Drop Box / or You Tube and its link may be shared to iages2019@gmail,com .
( The steps of uploading a video in Google Drive is mentioned below.)
The session will be of 1-2 hours depending on the no of presenters.


Each presenter has to send the video in MPEG4 format and can upload as many videos.

This video or the topic in question should not have been presented before in any conference.

The time slot for each speaker would be 5 min, which would comprise of:
1. Video of your innovation( 3 min);
2. Points in favour of your innovation ( 1 min)
3.Discussion ( 1 min).
This session will have exciting prizes and winners will be adjudged by a panel of expert jury.
Therefore please try to submit as early as possible or latest by 17th November 2018.
Acceptance of abstracts will be notified on or before 30th November 2018.